Security auditing

Easy to set up and use, iCloudGuard acts as a virtual security consultant. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of the security status of your business network through vulnerability assessments, patch management and network and software auditing.

iCloudGuard also automatically checks that supported security applications, such as anti-virus and anti-spyware software, are updated with the latest definition files and are functioning correctly. It integrates with more than 2,500 security applications and can also automatically rectify issues, such as triggering anti-virus/antispyware updates.

We provide a Security Guard for your web applications

It's very small codes, very simple, really easy to install and fastest. It have is own logs system and email alert required for betters performances Security listing

SQLi Protection (SQL Injection), Cross-Site Script Protection (XSS), Proxy Detector and Blocker, Input Sanitization, DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks), Integration with DNSBL (Spam Databases), Spam Security, Logs Sorting + Search Module, AutoBan Function, Country Bans, Mail Notification, Ban System + Redirect Option, Bans Sorting + Search Module, Dashboard + States Module, Log hacking attempts in Database, Full Management - You can manage all settings of the script and all modules of the script,and many more....

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