iCloudERP-HCM launch new version and powerful features

Our benefit of iCloudERP-HCM (Human Resource Capital Management) provides you with a powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. iCloudERP-HCM is a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team to make it more efficient and consolidate your employee information into one intuitive HR system.

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Project Management (PMS)

iCloudERP-PMS (Project Management System) is easy to connect with iCloudERP-HCM to control tasks timeliness and resources.

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Mobile App (iSO/Android)

iCloudERP-HCM mobile app provide employees to view, request, approve and enter data on mobile phones whether On-line or Off-line.

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Website(Job Announcement)

iCloudERP-HCM is providing add-on function for candidate can apply CVs and see job posting online throw website.

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iCloudERP-HCM Features

An all-in-one software platform that's smart, simple and fast for industry SMEs, Microfinance and Banking.


- Capture of Personal Information
- Next of kin Details
- Employees Roles & Privileges
- Staff Directory


- Promotion, Award
- Transfer, Travel
- Resignation
- Complaint, Warning & Termination


- Manage Attendance
- Manage TimeSheet
- Manage Holiday
- Manage Leave


- Generate Payslip
- Verify & Approve
- Payment Payroll
- Payroll Tax

iCloudERP-HCM Human Capital Management


- Company Information & Location
- Department & Sup-Department
- Designation or Title
- Company Policy


- Training List
- Training Type
- Trainer List
- History


- KPI, Indicator
- Appraisal
- Goal Tracking & Goal Type
- Review, Verify & Approve


- Stock Transfers
- Inventory Valuation
- Staff Asset
- Asset History

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