iCloudERP-Finance launch new version and powerful features

Our benefit of iCloudERP-Finance (Micro-Finance & Hire-purchase) software has including accounting system build-in, it could improve your business productivity, saving time, reduce mistake, reduce manpower, auto generate financial report easily and faster for management, reduce operation cost, unlimited branch, unlimited users, multi form, compatible of local regulator supervisory (FRD) and (NBC), increase your free times and quick decision making.

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Human Resource (HRM)

iCloudERP-HRM (Human Resource Management) is easy to connect with iCloudERP-finance to create work efficiency..

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Mobile App (iSO/Android)

iCloudERP-Finance mobile app provide loan officers to view and enter client data on mobile phones whether On-line or Off-line.

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Website (Loan Application)

iCloudERP-Finance is providing add-on function for customer can apply for loan (Loan application form) online throw website.

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iCloudERP-Finance Features

An all-in-one software platform that's smart, simple and fast for Hire-Purchase, Microfinance and Banking.


- Capture of Personal Information
- Unique Identifiers
- Next of kin Details
- Business Information


- Loan Term & Interest Rate
- Repayment Schedule
- Interest Calculation method
- Service Charges & Loan Approval


- Work Processing
- Bills of Materials
- Production Order
- Forecasting


- GAAP/IFRS Accounting
- Budget Management
- Banking & Reconciliation
- Multi-currency Support.



- Plan & Manage Projects
- Organise & Manage Teams
- Eliminate Emails & Meetings
- Track & Record Times


- HR Management
- Payroll Management
- Leave Management
- Shift Management


- Quotation & Order Processing
- Invoicing, Payment & Delivery
- Returns & Crediting
- Purchasing Forecasting


- Stock Transfers
- Inventory Valuation
- Picking, Packing, Delivery
- Serial & Lot Management

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